We provide legal support in all matters related to real estate and construction. Our team has accumulated huge experience in real estate transactions, real estate development projects and construction processes in both private and public sector, starting with risk evaluation and funding attraction through development of projects to commissioning. We offer solutions in cases where you have purchased an apartment or real estate with tenants.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Solutions in private and public sector both in residential and commercial projects
  • Solutions at planning and designing stage, use of zonings and land, building permits, environmental requirements
  • Construction and engineering services contracts
  • Warranties and civil insurance
  • Real estate transactions – purchase/sale, lease and rent rights, title registration, establishment and use of servitudes and other encumbrances
  • Real estate management and related transaction documents and contracts
  • Joint property issues resolution
  • Obligation security in real estate transactions (mortgages, pledges)
  • Rent and lease agreements
  • Representation and communication with state and municipal institutions, appealing against decisions of public institutions and officials
  • Transaction negotiations
  • Proceedings and dispute resolution


We provide a full range of support to public and private companies, starting with company founding through its restructuring to resolution of mutual conflicts of shareholders. We help to commence commercial activities in Latvia, including for foreign citizens and companies. We help to receive licenses and permits necessary for commercial activities, consult in employment matters and other matters related to company’s operation.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Choice of the merchant’s legal form
  • Merchant’s founding and amendments in merchant’s documents
  • Company’s restructuring, merger and liquidation
  • Company management support, consultations in company’s strategic matters
  • Resolution of conflicts of company’s shareholders
  • Creation of corporate administration structure
  • Preparing of company’s internal normative acts and documentation
  • Consultations in tax and legal aspects in company’s corporate structure
  • Transaction negotiations


We provide support in mergers and acquisition of local and foreign companies. We cooperate in transactions related to attraction of investors, creation of joint enterprises, purchase and reorganization of company’s control stock, preparing for company’s sale, trust study. We offer complex solution based on a number of aspects – tax and legal solutions, costs, transaction structuring, company’s assets, employees, etc.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Company’s preparing for sale
  • Transaction structuring
  • Company’s legal and tax audit
  • Company’s reorganization – mergers and division, company’s liquidation
  • Capital share alienation contracts and other agreements
  • Purchase/sale of company’s shares and assets
  • Transaction negotiations


We provide for support in preparing of various contracts, including complicated contracts, in both local and international transactions.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Purchase contracts
  • Rent/lease contracts
  • Donation agreements
  • Exchange agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Debt agreements
  • Legal invasion compensation and loss compensation agreements
  • Other civil obligation contracts


We provide for conduct of proceedings at any stage. We evaluate situation and offer the best solution of dispute. We specialize in civil, administrative and criminal cases. We have accumulated experience in the following proceedings – debt collection and loss compensation, privatization, acknowledgment of invalidity of transactions or fulfilment of contractual obligations, public procurement, reemployment, determination of child’s residence, alimony collection, incl. in children’s demands to parents after attaining majority, and determination of child’s right to communication, division of community property, appealing against decisions of State Revenue Service in tax surcharges, eviction of tenants.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Appealing against tax audit results and tax surcharges
  • Employment disputes
  • Public procurement disputes
  • Property disputes, incl. land and rent relationship
  • Debt recovery and loss compensation
  • Determination of child’s guardianship and residence
  • Alimony collection for child’s sustenance (before and after attainment of majority)
  • Community property division disputes
  • Other disputes


We provide participation in negotiations, pre-trial dispute resolution and mediation. We have accumulated considerable experience in pre-trial dispute resolution, recommendation of negotiation tactics and strategy and conducting complicated negotiations. We also offer mediation as one of alternative dispute resolution methods – in commercial disputes, corporate disputes, disputes between company’s shareholders and management, employment disputes, inheritance and family law disputes, community property division disputes, as well as in criminal proceedings.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Negotiations
  • Analysis and recommendations of negotiations tactics and strategy
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution
  • Mediation
  • Training conflict resolution and negotiations


We provide complex solution of employment relationship and employment issues. We have accumulated experience in preparing full range of company’s documents and employment consultations starting with selection of employees and conclusion of employment contracts to dismissal of employees, incl. collective dismissal, preparing company’s internal normative acts related to employment of staff, negotiations with representatives of trade unions.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Creation of structural units of company’s employees
  • Preparing of company’s internal work regulations and other internal normative acts
  • Development of company’s employment policy and documents related to type of employment, business hours and defining remuneration, tax solutions
  • Development of company’s internal documents circulation regulation and document file nomenclature
  • Establishment of employment relationship – employment contracts and other documents related to employees’ hiring
  • Immigration and foreigners’ employment issue resolution
  • Resolution of issues of losses caused by employees and institution of disciplinary cases
  • Individual and collective dismissal of employees
  • Preparing of collective agreements and representation in negotiations with staff representatives/trade unions
  • Consultations and preparing of documents in case of company’s reorganization, acquisition or liquidation
  • Occupational health and labour safety issue resolution
  • Resolution of issues of compensation to company’s senior officials
  • Competition right restriction issues
  • Confidentiality issue resolution
  • Employment dispute resolution
  • Participation in negotiations


We provide support in immigration issue resolution both with citizens of third countries, including Russian citizens, and citizens of the European Union member states working in Latvia or wanting to move permanently to Latvia. We offer settling formalities of your partner’s business or private visits and obtaining of visa. We have accumulated huge experience in resolution of complicated immigration issues, including visa issues and residence permit obtaining, extending and cancelling issues.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Preparing of documents related to immigration and obtaining residence permits
  • Preparing of documents related to execution of work permits, visas and invitations
  • Representation in the Office of citizenship and migration affairs
  • Participation in negotiations


We provide consultations and representation in resolution of all transaction funding (loan or credit) issues and debt restructuring issues. We have accumulated experience in cooperation with banks in resolution of debt and credit restructuring issues, issuing bank guarantees, as well as conclusion of loan agreements.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Consultations in preparing credit agreements and financial provision documents
  • Preparing of loan agreements and consultations on loan agreement provisions
  • Resolution of insurance-related issues in transactions with banks or preparing of loan agreement and provision agreements
  • Bank refinancing
  • Credit restructuring


We provide consultations in company’s strategic tax planning and tax application. We have accumulated experience in tax application to Latvian residents and non-residents, individuals and legal entities and provision of legal consultations on transactions in Latvia and abroad, as well as consult in matters of transfer prices for related companies and persons, as well as in resolution of tax disputes with the State Revenue Service.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Consultations on tax planning and tax application
  • Consultations on tax risk analysis in case of company’s mergers and reorganization
  • Consultations on taxes resulting from employment relationship
  • Consultations on transfer prices and development of transfer price methodology
  • Representation in tax issues in resolution of disputes with the State Revenue Service and court


We provide consultations for company’s unified strategic approach to any issue related to its activities – tax policy determination and planning, transaction structuring, employees’ hiring, company’s strategic development, etc. In our solutions we offer integrated approach to law, tax and company development issues, embracing various areas, including commercial law, civil law, tax law, employment law, immigration law, etc.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Consultations in transaction structuring, preparing and fulfillment
  • Development of and consultations in employees’ employment and hiring policy
  • Development of and consultations in company’s tax planning and structuring policy
  • Structuring of company’s shareholders and company groups (holdings)


We provide consultations in one of currently most dynamic law areas – administrative law, as well as provide representation in state and municipal institutions. We have accumulated considerable experience in cooperation with state and municipal institutions, especially in matters related to real estate and construction, immigration and obtaining of Latvian residence permits, as well as preparing applications regarding officials’ decisions and representation in Administrative Court.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • representation in administrative proceedings in state and municipal institutions
  • appealing against decisions of institutions and officials
  • representation in administrative court and appealing against court verdicts
  • appealing against administrative fines
  • consultations, preparing of documents and representation in construction processes, territorial planning, taxes, license obtaining, procurement procedures, administrative violations


We have accumulated experience in disputes related to resolution of family law issues, including in issues of marriage contract conclusion, marriage dissolution and community property division, alimony collection (both before and after child attains majority), in issues of implementation of guardianship and communication right, adoption. In complicated disputes and conflicts, we offer negotiations strategies and use our experience in conducting complicated and escalated negotiations and resolving conflicts. We also offer mediation services.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • conclusion of marriage contracts
  • marriage dissolution and community property division
  • alimony collection
  • guardianship issues
  • communication right issue
  • adoption
  • participation in negotiations
  • mediation
  • representation in orphans court
  • representation in court


We provide consultations in privatization and alienation issues.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Representation in Privatizācijas Aģentūra State JSC
  • Representation in Valsts Nekustamie Īpašumi State JSC
  • Representation in Council of Rīga
  • Representation in all other Latvian municipalities


We provide consultations on public procurements at any stage of procurement. We have accumulated considerable experience in preparing procurement documentation, contestation of unfair provisions included in customer’s procurement documents and contestation of procurement results. We represent clients in both Procurement Supervision Bureau and Administrative court.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Preparing of procurement documentation for both customers and applicants
  • Provision for procurement procedures
  • Evaluation of procurement offers
  • Evaluation of substantiation of decisions
  • Preparation of procurement contracts
  • Preparing of applications regarding unfair requirements in procurement documentation
  • Preparing of applications regarding procurement results
  • Representation in Procurement Supervision Bureau
  • Representation in Administrative court
  • Participation in negotiations


We have accumulated experience in cooperation with a number of bailiffs. We offer clients to represent their interests also after receiving court verdicts, i.e., to choose bailiff, submit writ of execution and supervise fulfillment of this verdict.


We provide professional connections with advocate bureaus and legal bureaus in Russia. We have established strategic cooperation with a number of advocate bureaus and legal bureaus in Russia. We have accumulated considerable experience in consulting Russian citizens and Russian companies in relation to their stay in Latvia and their commercial activities in Latvia and European Union. We also offer Skype consultations.


We provide complex, comprehensive and continuous legal support to companies, including newly-founded merchants, as well as non-governmental organizations. We offer the best solutions in matters that are directly necessary in provision for daily entrepreneurship.

Consultation and representation in the following cases:

  • Daily legal consultations
  • Legal provision for transactions of any type and preparing of contracts
  • Preparing of company’s internal normative documents
  • Resolution of company’s employment issues and preparing of necessary documents
  • Legal correspondence with cooperation partners, state and municipal institutions
  • Representation of company’s interests
  • Registration of company’s changes in the commercial register and preparing of necessary documents
  • Participation in negotiations with transaction partners


We provide legal aid in criminal proceedings and defence in criminal proceedings. We offer defence in pre-trial investigation and in court, preparing of complaints of various types, incl. appeals to the court, as well as representation of aggrieved persons. We offer to persons accused in criminal proceedings, aggrieved persons, legal aid, i. e., consultations, participation in performance of procedural activities in the police and prosecutor’s office, preparing of procedural documents, representation in court.

Consultation and representation in the following matters:

  • Representation in the police and prosecutor’s office
  • Representation in court
  • Collection of documents and proofs
  • Verification of documents
  • Preparing of applications and submissions