Uldis Kriķis


Works in the following directions of consultations: legal consultations and business process management.

Practice area: obligation and property law, privatization rights and public administration, as well as construction law. Read More.

Arturs Lielgalvis


Works in the following directions of consultations: legal consultations in civil and criminal cases.

Practice area: obligation and property law, family law, real estate and its management, construction law, commercial law, criminal law. Read More.

Laila Škoba


Works in the following directions of consultations: legal consultations, conflict resolution and mediation, training management.

Practice area: obligation law, corporate law, commercial law, administrative law, family law, employment law, public procurements; negotiations and conflict situation solutions, representation in court. Read More.



Uldis has accumulated experience in management of privatization processes and preparing of privatization documents; preparing of various legal documents and contracts; management of construction-related processes, development and sale, management and lease of real estate projects, representation in civil and administrative law court proceedings.

Work experience has formed in the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, Privatizācijas Aģentūra State JSC, Latvijas Balzams Public State JSC, Ventspils Nafta Public State JSC, Latvijas Naftas Tranzīts JSC, LatRos Trans LLC, Legal Bureau Projektu Vadības un Konsultāciju Aģentūra.

Uldis has participated in the following privatization processes, projects and workgroups – Latvijas Kuģniecība transformation from state company to joint-stock company; development of Ventspils Nafta Public State JSC stock purchase agreement and conclusion of agreement with the non-profit organization Privatizācijas Aģentūra State JSC; organization of Latvijas Gāze JSC stock auction (Road show in France in negotiations with Gaz de Franc management); development of Latvijas Kuģniecība Public State JSC privatization regulation, organization of stock auction in RSE, as well as participation in purchase agreement development workgroup; organization of Latvijas Krājbanka JSC state-owned stock holding purchase and sale agreements and auction; legal servicing of private house settlement Taureņi – project development and commissioning of houses; legal proceedings with constructors, preparing of real estate purchase agreements, transaction conclusion coordination, etc.; development of legal analysis for construction of wind generators on public land.



Arturs has accumulated experience in the field of real estate (sale, purchase, lease, rent, takeover, management, etc.), construction, preparing of various documents and contracts, representation in courts, extrajudicial dispute resolution, representation of companies in transaction conclusion processes, debt collection courts.


Work experience has formed in LL&K LLC, IZOTERMS LLC, SEB banka JSC, Ober Haus Reale State Latvija LLC and Promano Lat LLC.


Arturs has participated in the following projects – SEB banka JSC: takeover, management, insuring, guarding of owned apartments and private houses, work with tenants, evlauation, sale – from the moment when property is purchased at an auction until property is sold; Ober Haus Reale State Latvija LLC: management and administration – work with apartment house managers, tenants, lessees, property takeover, State Land Service (ordering of title to private houses); Promano Lat LLC: proceedings debt collection, acknowledgement of invalidity of lease agreements, etc.



Laila has accumulated experience in cases related to real estate management and lease, preparing of various legal documents and contracts, statements of claim, etc.; consulting company management in strategic matters; company reorganization, merger and acquisition (M&A); participation in court proceedings in civil and administrative cases; experience in work with debtors and extrajudicial debt collection solutions; experience in appealing against SRS decisions; preparing of public procurement documentation and appealing against decisions in Procurement Supervision Bureau and court; experience in complex negotiations and conflict situation resolution, as well as extrajudicial dispute resolution; work in court of arbitration. More than 10 years of experience in project management and business process management.

Bachelor’s degree and qualification of lawyer obtained in the University of Latvia. Currently studies Master’s course at the Department of Law of the Republic of Latvia and masters gestalt therapy in Rīga Gestalt Institute. Obtained knowledge and improved skills in conflict resolution and mediation in a number of training programmes with Latvian and German lecturers. Regularly improves knowledge with Latvian Judge Training Centre trainings and other workshops. She has obtained knowledge and improved skills in project management by participating in various training programmes and international conferences.

Work experience has formed in Rīga City Vidzeme Suburb Court, Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Latvijas Televīzija State LLC, Privatizācijas Aģentūra State JSC, Advocate Bureau Bordāns&Beļajevs, Latvian Commercial Bank Association’s court of arbitration, Birojs 2000 LLC, Projektu Laboratorija LLC and various international projects.

Laila has participated in planning and implementation of such projects important for Latvia as organization of annual meeting of authorized persons of European Reconstruction and Development Bank in Rīga in 2000; organization of US President G. W. Bush official visit to Latvia in 2005; preparing of application for World Championship for Ice Hockey in Rīga, etc.